Word-perfect prepares and registers candidates for Cambridge University's BEC suite of exams: Preliminary, Vantage and Higher.


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"I liked this course very much. There is no fault that I could find throughout the period. I feel this is like a “Gurukulam” teaching".

– Jyothiprakash M. 2007

"I loved this course, and it was very useful for me. I realised what English should be only while I was here. Don’t forget your son!".

– Martin A. Grous – 2006

"The course was really very, very, very good. It was so interesting, and we all had an enjoyable time with you. We shall miss you very much".

– Roja Malligarjunan – 2006

"Marvellous, wonderful  … words can’t express your commitment and sincerity that you showered on us. Thank you – you are the greatest, and we have “inherited” you in us! Thank you gor being a wonderful friend, guide, philosopher, and great teacher".

– Forever your Gayathri Prakash – 2006

"I came here to know more about the language, but I had opportunities to know more about life as well. Thank you – I am leaving with the hope that the best part of my life is yet to come".

– Vidhyaprabha S. – 2005

"Now I have a good vocabulary. I feel now that this course has been a great benefit to me. In fact, this course really 'makes  words work for me!' " .

– Praveen Kannan Rajamoni – 2005

"Your teaching was a great gift for me. I really improved my English grammar, but I need to implement it practically. I will miss you and your sweet speech Mam. I will surely achieve great things in life through your invaluable support. Thanks a lot".

– With a lot of affection, Mymoona H. – 2005

"I came to you as a middle-aged housewife with no work experience or confidence. This course really encouraged me to express my ideas freely. Our Sumithra Mam (in Hindi: good friend/Sun God) taught us the friendly way. Like sunflowers we students kept our eyes fixed on her wonderful expressions. Thus our beloved Mam sprinkled sparkling rays of knowledge on us. Thank you".

– Usha Varghese, M.A. M.Phil.

“This course was very, very useful for me. Before joining this course, I was not able to talk at all in English. Now I can proudly say [that] I can speak well. Madam was so prompt in her work and I enjoyed her way of teaching. I wish her and Word-perfect all success”.

– Shanmugam P. , Managing Director, Money Express Forex (I) Pvt. Ltd. 2004

“Indeed this course was excellent, and I have learnt a lot of English. In these three months I have learnt not only English, but also Psychology, Philosophy, Yoga and Meditation, Journalism and the Media, and Business Communication. Really great.”  

– Gopalakrishnan V., Library and Information Scientist, SITRA - 2004

“This course was very useful for me. I learnt a lot of things and I shall definitely use what I learnt from this course in my professional work”.  

– L. Damodaran Dy. Manager Purchase, Super Spinning Mills - 2004

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