Word-perfect prepares and registers candidates for Cambridge University's BEC suite of exams: Preliminary, Vantage and Higher.

About us ...

Word-perfect was started in early 2004 by Ms. Sumithra Naidu, a professional with experience in the hotel industry for the most part (Taj Coromandel, Chennai, and Greenwoods Retreat, Valparai) followed by several years as a College Administrator. From close interactions with students, it became clear that many promising youngsters and even middle- to upper-management executives were handicapped by poor English communication and often undeveloped personal effectiveness.

Our Vision
From a deeply-felt desire to help there arose a clear vision: to build an institution that is among the most admired for its committment to providing quality training in English for specialist purposes, and to help its candidates and clients to achieve success through personal development. This vision is translated in the way we work, and over the years has brought the greatest joy through the accomplishments of our Word-perfect Achievers.

Our Mission
Our mission is to ensure that our candidates consistently receive the greatest value both personally and professionally, through application of knowledge and skills transferred to them. We believe that skilful use of language is fundamental to stimulating higher thought, and since thought is the springboard of action, our candidates must continue to learn, grow, and contribute to the world community through life. To make this happen, we at Word-perfect too constantly strive to improve the quality and range of our services.

Our Core Values And Success Drivers
Consistent performance has been the hallmark of our success by our focus on quality, our sensitive and deep understanding of individual needs, our love and passion for what we do, and above all, our integrity.

Our focus on quality ensures that we are constantly raising the bar for ourselves We measure our success by the yardstick of our student and client feedback - individual and organisational success is the benchmark for our achievements. Word-perfect is proud of the wonderful accomplishments of its Achievers both at the personal and professional level.

We have been recognized and appreciated as thought leaders and trend setters in not only the way we conduct our courses but also in terms of people practice. Testimonials of students and clients are proof of these. The fact that past candidates and clients still visit or keep in touch with us is gratifying testimony to our core values. Our Word-perfect Achievers are also our ambassadors of goodwill and our staunchest supporters.

Spurred on by our shared vision, we’re striving for higher standards of excellence. Our highly dedicated faculty and management strive to make a qualitative difference to society day by day.

Courses Offered
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