Word-perfect prepares and registers candidates for Cambridge University's BEC suite of exams: Preliminary, Vantage and Higher.


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"I am very happy to have been with you for the past 6 months. From you I learnt about courage, how to behave and how to handle situations, Mam. I love you, and I'll miss you too, Mam".

– Kalpana Palanisamy - 2011

" I received very good support from you for improving my communication skills. I am very thankful to you for giving me this opportunity to learn English. I like your patience whenever we ask you to clear our doubts".

– Dhanasekaran A. - 2011

" I really enjoyed this course very much, and I learned so much. Now I feel so good about this language, and am very confident when I speak. This course really removed my hesitation while speaking English. I would like to keep in touch with my dear Mam. I am really thankful to her".

– Dhanalakshmi L. - 2011

" This course is very, very useful in my life, and you are a very good teacher, and a very loving and good person. Thank you Madam".

– Thangaraju M. – 2010

“Mam your way of teaching is very, very, very good. I learnt a lot from you. I won’t forget you and Madam till my death. Thank you so much Mam.”

– Sathya Chinnasami – 2010

“This is a very interesting course, and Madam explains everything in simple terms. It was a really wonderful experience for me. You are a good teacher – I wish I could become a teacher like you. I not only studied English, but also a lot from you, lessons which I will definitely use in my own class and in my life. I wish I could spend more time with you. I have decided to attend your classes on my next vacation too”.

– Thaji G. B. – 2010

"I learned a lot of General Knowledge and how to learn about that. Thanks. "

– Karthikeyan M. 2010

"All good times have to come to an end, and mine came to an end on 18 January 2010! This was my second time in Word-perfect, and I had a wonderful time here. The courses helped me to raise my English to the next level. Mam gave me all the inputs to improve my vocabulary, speech and writing".

– Karthik M. Raghuraman – 2010

"If I have a chance to express my joy about being in Word-perfect in my mother tongue, this book is not enough to express even a few of my feelings. I would like to make my teacher proud to have had me as a student, one who will become a socially-responsible man. I learnt how to develop myself, and how to develop my English skills. In addition, I feel this is a temple where I can enjoy studying, make friendships and get a new family. I feel lucky to have had this time in Word-perfect. I will never forget until my last breath. Thank you Mam.”

– Jagadeeswaran Dharmalingam – 2010

"I learned so many things apart from English, which will help me to develop further in future. I will remember you throughout my life, and I would like to become a teacher like you".

– Gandhimathi M.M. 2010

"This course made me improve a lot which is going to help me in Australia as well as in my future. Thank you."

– Pravin J. Jude – 2009

"I have not only learnt English but also how to be a good teacher – how to attract and hold the attention of students. The days that I spent in Word-perfect are unforgettable and will remain with me forever. I have never seen a teacher who takes so much care and spends so much time giving personal attention to each and every student. I feel I’m going to miss out when I leave"

– Savithri M. Ramakrishnan – 2009

"It was very helpful to learn different ways of self-expression, and the grammar classes were very good too.!"

– Christina Mereline T. 2009

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